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Leading by customer experience

Service identity and decision-making based firmly on user insight

The project

Palmu helped Linnanmäki to develop their customer-centric organizational culture. A thorough customer research phase provided the basis for creating the service identity, customer service concept and the changes to be implemented for the new season. The user insight gained was also utilized in strategic planning exercises which decided on target user groups, values, KPIs and a new follow-up model.

Palmu’s role

For the past few years Palmu has been a partner to the Linnanmäki amusement park in developing customer experience. Palmu conducted an exceptionally in-depth user study that was transformed into tools and actions for the company. Palmu participated in developing the service culture, new concepts and strategy work.


+ 100 new changes
+ Improved user satisfaction

Comment from the client

“It has been great working with Palmu as they have such wide-ranging expertise in user research analysis and processing collected data so that it can be used to improve the customer experience. In addition, the creative visualizations have aided us in understanding and implementing of new concepts.

Palmu provided us with a fresh perspective on our strategy work, in which the user insight gained was used as the basis for long-term planning. Palmu was able to both challenge and support our development work, to which our entire staff were committed. It is a pleasure to keep collaborating with Palmu for new development projects.”

Pia Adlivankin, CEO

Service productization

From concept to successful new service product

The project

Palmu and LähiTapiola have together built a new service called TerveysHelppi for personal insurance customers. Customers can now call the service and direct their health- and accident-related questions to professionals. When needed, customers are given a doctor’s appointment and the insurance claim process is initiated immediately. Both the creation of the new business model and productization were strongly guided by user research.

Palmu’s role

Palmu acted as project manager with full responsibility for the project from the very beginning. Palmu investigated the concept’s customer value, planned the service processes, piloted the service and rolled out the service model to all regional companies.


NPS 80

Continuous development

The Skunkworks team is the answer to an industry in distress

The project

KSF Media responded to changes in the media industry by strongly developing their digital services (e.g. the Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper’s digital services and the new Faktapp learning application). The Skunkworks group founded within the company aims for the continuous development of services, operations and new innovations.

Palmu’s role

Palmu plans and designs digital service development and leads service production as part of KSF Media's Skunkworks team, which facilitates the media company's digital transformation. The work involves the constant creation and production of large concepts as well as making small improvements based on service analytics and changing objectives.

Digital services

Extremely popular recipe service hits new heights

The project

The aim for the overhaul of was to improve customer satisfaction and increase the use of mobile devices. Behavioural user profiles were created after segmentation data analysis and in-depth user interviews. These were used to support user-centric design work. The smarter, mouth-watering visual recipe page was turned into the heart of the new responsive service.

Palmu’s role

Palmu carried out the conception and design of the responsive user interface design, and guided its implementation. User research and testing shaped both the concept and the usability to ensure the service was well received by the users.


Mobile use +125%
Website visits +25%
Personalized site views +43%
Instant exit -27%
Grand One 2015: Best UX-design

From products to services

Store overhaul brings strategy to life

The project

Laattapiste’s product sales experienced tough competition. Solutions on how to stand out were sought from customers’ experiences throughout renovation projects. Based on the findings a new overall service was created; a ready bathroom that eliminates the pain of renovation. This required changes to the business model which were concretized in the renewed store and customer service.

Palmu’s role

Palmu assisted Laattapiste in executing the changes in strategy in practice. The redesigned store now acts as a tool for the sales representative. After excellent results from the pilot the new sales approach was implemented at all Laattapiste locations.


Sales +60
Time used -20%


Improving customer relations

Loyalty and added sales with a new customer care model

The project

Palmu helped Fortum Heat to respond to tough competition in the heating market. In order to strengthen customer loyalty and further improve sales, a new customer care model was created. The model was taken into practice gradually through staff and customer trials. As a result, the focus of the work shifted from production to the client.

Palmu’s role

Together with Fortum’s key personnel, Palmu designed the new customer care model and for six months was responsible for taking the model into use. Palmu also developed the CRM, designed the management and measuring of the model and enabled new practices for account managers.

Comment from the client

“The change to a customer-oriented service provider requires actions, which little by little will change people's attitudes and working culture. With Palmu’s guidance, we managed to create a coherent customer care model. Palmu led the introduction of the new model with a brisk approach and concrete methods. As an external partner, Palmu was able to challenge both us and our working methods. We would not be at this stage without Palmu.”

Miikka Veikkola, Sales Director, Fortum Heat

Developing sales models

Accelerating sales growth in Europe

The project

F-Secure wanted to accelerate the growth of B2B sales in Europe. The response to the challenge was the co-design method, and in this particular case the customers and dealers completely overhauled the initial design hypotheses. Together with F-Secure's employees, dealers and customers Palmu designed and piloted new sales models and materials to have an impact on sales growth.

Palmu’s role

Palmu provided F-Secure with a customer-oriented development model and found entirely new sources of customer value during in-depth customer interviews. Customer insight and joint planning were carried out in seven different cities in Germany, France and Finland. Palmu's work with customers saved F-Secure from investing in solutions that customers would not have wanted in the first place.


Gaining market leadership with digitalization

The project

Google and Facebook radically changed the competitive environment for Fonecta. This challenge was met by putting the value perceived by end-customers at the centre of development, and by carrying out a radical change to the development model. The result was a series of great services, more than one million app downloads, and the position of market leader as a SME marketing partner.

Palmu’s role

Palmu led the development of Fonecta's services for two years. Palmu’s design team was adopted as part of Fonecta’s organization, with a mission to build not only new services but also to reorganize the development of Fonecta's services. Product ownership and analytics were adopted as guiding principles for all development actions.


Over one million app downloads
Market leader in marketing services for SME

New service model

From price competition to an industry service leader

The project

Palmu helped Ovenia to transform highly competitive property management into a customer experience-driven service. A vision, a new service model and tools for customer and sales work were created based on customer insight. The new service is widely used at Ovenia and has become a part of their everyday life.

Palmu’s role

Palmu found a way to respond to the goal set by Ovenia’s management to be an industry pioneer in customer experience. A new service model was created under Palmu’s leadership. Palmu was in charge of piloting the new service model as well as the expansion of the service model to the next three business units.


Customer satisfaction (1-5) 3,18 → 3,46
Revenue +10%

Strategy and services

IoT-services boost sales and create a competitive edge

The project

A new service business and customer experience strategy were created for Tana based on its new in-house IoT solutions. The strategy was deployed using services and operating models produced by Tana and distributors, as well as new management and employee tools. With these changes, the Tana brand and devices were identified as forerunners in innovation, which has increased Tana’s competitiveness.

Palmu’s role

Palmu has been deeply involved in the creation and implementation of the new strategy for Tana. The new strategy was worked out with management and the board. Palmu has led co-design work with customers and dealers, and the new tools and service models were piloted in the UK and Finland.

Public sector

Improving operating methods

Young immigrants’ opportunities for success in school and at work

The project

The aim of the project was to find and to pilot a new range of scalable solutions, to improve equality and inclusivity for young people with immigrant backgrounds in Helsinki. The project studied young immigrants’ starting points and motives for education, employment and social environment. The results so far are solutions ready for piloting, where young people help each other.

Palmu’s role

Palmu has been responsible for working with young immigrants and professionals in increasing understanding and focus on the challenges, as well as for the joint planning of the best solutions from concept development to experimentation. The best solutions are selected for the pilot project to be implemented with the immigrants and the authorities, and are supported by Palmu.

Service design

Digitalization and service design in public transport

The project

HSL has adopted service design for developing solutions and services for both passengers and drivers of public transport. A service design group was created within HSL, and Palmu participated in its work for several years as professionals in customer insight, service design and education.

Palmu’s role

Palmu’s design work included the new ticketing and zone systems, HSL's digital services, materials for bus stops, mobile tickets, service lines and maps. By working together and through education, the service development processes have adopted a customer-oriented design. User testing and agile development models are deployed in the organization.

From research into action

Developing pregnancy services in Africa

The project

Palmu and M4ID joined forces in a development project for the World Health Organization (WHO) related to pregnancy and child welfare clinics and maternity hospital services in Uganda and Nigeria. During the project a number of service concepts were designed and tested affecting the reach and experience of services targeted at pregnant women. Services will be developed further in conjunction with midwives and families.

Palmu’s role

Palmu brought to the project solid experience with customer insight and the co-design method. M4ID and Palmu conducted ethnographic insight work in Uganda and Nigeria and designed new tools together with patients and the hospital staff.

Testing and iterating

Concrete results with pilot services for the elderly

The project

The City of Vantaa’s vision was a one-stop shop to advise and guide senior customers through municipal, private and third sector services. Palmu helped Vantaa to identify, define and implement key development areas of the vision with a pilot carried out together with employees.

Palmu’s role

Palmu's task was to improve the reach, availability and operation of the services from the point of view of a vulnerable senior citizen. Together we studied the needs of customers and identified key bottlenecks in current operations and helped the staff to pilot and implement a new set of operating methods and visualized tools.


50% growth in customer guidance

Business guidance

A customer-centric management model for child welfare

The project

Together with the Kalliolan Setlementti management team, Palmu developed a new business management model for child welfare and substance abuse services. Customer insight was sought from all organizational levels (small and medium municipalities), as well as from end users of child protection services. The result was a service quality indicator for youth social services.

Palmu’s role

Palmu was responsible for an extensive customer insight study as well as for co-design work involved in the joint planning of the customer-oriented management model with different stakeholders and end-users.

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