In the future, all business
will be service business


Winning your customer's heart requires you to change beneath the surface

The world around us is turning into services. Competition for customers doesn’t recognize borders and digitalization defies old business models. The margins gained through efficiency have diminished and it is increasingly difficult to stand out with products.

The competition has turned to customer experience. Success is built on understanding your customers and providing them with valuable services and meaningful encounters. This success requires a new kind of thinking.

  • Empathy and ability to understand the user
  • Creativity to produce the unexpected
  • Courage to try new things and challenge tradition


Palmu 31.5.2017

Stairforce – Climb stairs into space!

Our team has developed a free iPhone app that encourages incidental excercise by rewarding users for taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. Get the app, avoid the elevators and propel yourself into the orbit. Climbing stairs has proven health benefits and now you can conquer the space while doing it. Join the force!

Palmu 27.3.2017

Palmu and Solita to join forces

Digital business consulting company Solita and service design agency Palmu have decided to combine forces. Solita has acquired Palmu's entire share capital. The two Finnish companies have a unique combination of 600 experts in the world of service design and digitalization. The company seeks to continue its profitable growth both in Finland and international markets.

Helsingin Sanomat 12.8.2016

Helsinki is testing a peer jury method from United States

Service designer Iikka Lovio from Palmu explains the background of the experiment. This pilot was chosen because the model attracted positive interest in young people, and for the impressive results in United States thus making the economic investments justified. The challenge was clarified with various authorities, and by interviewing young people caught with crime along with their parents.

Viking Line press release 4.7.2016

Viking Line’s upgraded fleet receives the highest general ratings on the Baltic Sea

– Today’s passengers expect better service on board. They value clean and beautiful premises, pleasant and comfortable cabins and, above all, genuine and friendly service attitude, says Viking Line's Customer and Market Analyst Patrik Levlin. Palmu is Viking Line's partner in renewing their service culture.

Studio Kauppalehti 10.3.2016

Digital services can support customer service, but cannot be its heart.

Palmu works with Sonera to improve the customer experience for both B2B clients and consumer services.

Kauppalehti 16.2.2016

Finland gets the world’s first car fuelling app.

“Palmu helped us to conceive, design and implement a user-friendly service in an exceptionally fast-paced project.”
- Juha Raumolin, Director of Digitalization in S-Pankki.